Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Small Favor by Jim Butcher (5/5 stars)

Small Favor is the 10th book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. This series continues to amaze me with it's high quality and creativity.

When Harry is attacked by none other than the Three Billy Goats Gruff; he wonders what he has done to deserve the attention. Especially since he thought he was on good terms with the Queen of Summer. Shortly after he is contacted by the Queen of Air and Darkness, Mab, and Mab calls in one of the favors he owes her. She wants Harry to find out who kidnapped Chicago mob boss Johnny Marcone and rescue Marcone.

As Harry begins his quest to find Marcone he finds out that things in Chicago are much more serious than he initially thought. The Denarians (Fallen Angels) are somehow involved in this whole mess too. With the Summer Fae bent on killing him, Queen Mab breathing down his neck, and the Denarians seeking to "talk" to him how will Harry make it out alive?

I was very impressed with this book. I continue to be impressed that 10 books into the series Butcher is still working to write a really good book and not riding on the success of his previous works (as many authors do).

It was great to see more of Thomas and Michael in this book. Of course the Denarians are a wonderfully frightful group of demons and let Butcher add in some very creative fight scenes. This book was non-stop action; I felt tired for Harry just reading all he was trying to get done. The book was also packed with Harry's sarcastic wit and some particularly funny scenes. I felt like Harry spent more time passed out in this book than in previous ones; but despite that he was still just as busy as ever.

The addition of Harry's new power at the end hints at more interesting things to come. Also it looks like the issue of a Black Wizard Council will be visited in more detail soon. I really like that these books have independent stories, yet everything seems like it is going to tie in well with an overall story arc that deals with the Black Council and the Denarians.

I am already excited to read the next one. The worst thing about this book is that I am sad that I am done reading it :-)

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