Friday, December 28, 2012

About Me

Here is a quick "About Me" post.  My name is Karissa and I live in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.  I have pretty much loved reading all my life.  Some of my fondest childhood memories of reading are my dad reading me an illustrated version of The Hobbit at a young age and my mom reading me the Oz series.  As you can imagine this led to a lifelong love of fantasy.

I primarily read fantasy of all types.  Lately I've been reading a lot of urban fantasy (which all started when I picked up Moonheart by Charles de Lint many many years ago and loved it).  I also read a lot of young adult books and middle grade fantasy.  I find that sometimes the books focused at younger ages provide a really wonderful and solid story without all the adult problems and violence...and sometimes that just fits the bill for what I want to read.

Lately I've also been reading a lot of dystopia, science fiction, zombie books, and post-apocalyptic reads.  A newer genre for me is graphic novels; I picked up the first Sandman by Gaiman a few years ago and adored it.  Since then I have read a lot of random fantasy graphic novels and started reading the Fables series by Bill Willingham.  I hope to start reading the Walking Dead series this year.

As for personal things...I live with my husband, 5 year old son, three cats, one dog, and numerous fish.  I work at 3M as a Senior Materials Scientist.  My background is in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in formulation and coating.  I love my job most days but some times it gets way to busy and takes over my a result I do a lot of scheduled posting and haven't done as many author interviews lately.

I am old...okay not that old.  But I am in my mid-30's.  People usually think I am a lot younger...not sure what that says about me...

Other hobbies...let's see...I do a lot of cycling, hiking, and camping in the spring/summer/fall.  In the winter it is more running on the elliptical and Just Dance on the PS3.  My family and I love playing board games, Dungeons and Dragons, and video games.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find the reviews helpful.  Best of all I hope I can help you find some great things to read!

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