Friday, December 28, 2012

Review Policy/Ratings

Review Policy:
Right now I am not accepting a large number of books for review.  I have a large backlog of books to review.

That being said if you do want me to review a book for you please make sure it follows the below guidelines before you request a review:

  •  It must be fantasy or graphic novel; I cannot count the number of requests I get for me to review something "a bit different".  I don't like thrillers, mysteries, cooking books, etc that much so I probably won't give it a decent review.
  • Please no independent authors.  I get many, many requests everyday to review self-published or independently published works.  When I started blogging I accepted them all and found that about 5% of these self-published/independent works were actually readable.  I have a few self-published authors I work with but I no longer have time to weed through the other 95% of requests.
  • That's it!  Those are my guidelines.  Please note that I don't respond to all review request because I honestly just don't have the time to.  I work full time and have a very busy this is a hobby and I do the best I can to respond...but sometimes it just doesn't happen.
  • I prefer to be contacted through one of the communities I review through such as Amazon, Librarything, or Goodreads.  See the Contact Me section of this blog for that information.

I review on a 5 sword rating system.

5 swords: 
I loved this book and will keep a copy of it on my shelf!

4 swords:
I enjoyed this book.

3 swords:
This book was okay, but had noticeable flaws.

2 swords:
I did not enjoy this book, it was a waste of my time to read it.

1 sword:
I not only disliked this book intensely, but it had many technical flaws as well.  In short I kind of wish I could burn it.

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