Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elliot Finnley's Jus' Plain Ole Daisy by Pamela M. Herbert (3/5 stars)

This book is definitely a kid's book. It tells the story of Elliot; who doesn't fit in at school. When Elliot's mother goes missing Elliot is even more an outcast at school. Then Elliot's teacher gives her a special drawing pad and suddenly Elliot finds her self able to travel to another world.

Overall this is a tale with a lesson; everyone is good at something, have confidence in yourself. It is a well-written tale, but nothing spectacular. It is a story that has been told in different variations before.

I think kids would enjoy this story because of it's fantastical nature. It is nice that it is a good fantasy story paired with a positive message. Although the message is pretty darn apparent; there is nothing subtle about its delivery.

I probably won't read anymore of these book if future books are released about Elliot Finnely; but I could see how younger children might really enjoy these types of books.

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