Friday, October 14, 2011

News - I got a new job, which means possibly less blog posts...

I had been working as a research scientist at a company that had undergone a number of ownership changes over the last 10 years.  Due to the frequent travel required and the lack of any other opportunities there I recently started looking for a new job and got one at 3M as a Materials Engineer/Scientist.

So I am really excited about that and really excited to be starting on some new projects, meeting new people, and being at a brand new company!  I really think that I could stay at 3M for the next 10-15 years and not be bored and have a ton of fun stuff to work on.

The down side to this all is that it is a new job and that means a few months of chaos.  That means less lunch times on my own to read or do posting while I am stuck on other people's schedules for training.  It also means more time working on my own at night while I try to catch up on the new technologies I will be working on.

For you wonderful followers that means I probably won't be posting a book review every day.  I will keep up on the Giveaways and Memes that I do.  So, please be patient with me while I make this transition.  I have no intention of abandoning this blog...but it will be a bit neglected for the next few months...

If you happen to work at 3M stop by and say Hi!  Best wishes to you all, thanks for following, and I hope you have lots of good reading ahead of you.

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