Sunday, July 29, 2012

7/29/12 - Looking to the Week Ahead

Hi what I have planned for the upcoming week. Lots of book reviews like usual and one Contest!

I will be reviewing the 12th book in the Fables series, The Dark Ages.  Let's see what happens to all of our favorite Fables characters after the war with the Adversary.

I've been wanting to read the Case of the Origami Yoda forever, so finally I will post the review on Tuesday.  It was a fun and quirky little book, that I am assure middle grade boys especially will love.

Today I will have an audiobook review of the 3rd book in the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane, City of Ghosts.  This was the best book in the series yet!  Today is also the start of the Summer Giveaway Hop so make sure to stop by for that :-)

Today I review the stunning conclusion to Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade trilogy.  It was a great conclusion to the series and features such an interesting and creative world!

Finally on Friday I will be reviewing Theft of Swords by Michael Sullivan.  I have had this book to read forever and was happy to finally get around to reading it.  It has been a very well done and humorous high fantasy novel.  I am really enjoying it.

So that's the plan for this coming week! Hope you guys have a great week of reading and enjoy the reviews.

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