Monday, August 27, 2007

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer – 4/5 stars

I really enjoy this series. I am not sure why. This is the third book in the series that has been well-written and easy to read: here is a link to it Eclipse. I hate to mimic some of what I said in the Kushiel’s Avatar review but this is one of those books that is generally peaceful to read. Bella is an interesting heroine mainly because of her normalness; I mean her outstanding qualities are her placid fearlessness and her ability to get into trouble. There is some action in the book but a big part of the book deals more with Bella’s emotions and angst. Bella is on the cusp of deciding whether or not to become a vampire; there is a lot at stake in her decision. Her decision of whether to partake in immortality or not is mirrored in her relationship with Edward versus her relationship with Jacob.
I think Jacob was what really made this book. His unpredictability and his volatility made this book very interesting. I think that Edward in his accepting placidness was boring; but maybe Edward senses that Bella will be attracted to that. That being said (without giving anything away) I think Jacob really get the short end of the stick in a number of ways.
I don’t understand why I love this series. Not much happens and the storyline, while interesting, follows a lot of the werewolf versus vampires stories out there. I guess I am somewhat drawn to the non-violent personality of the vampires in this book. Deep down I know there is also a part of me that wishes it were still a naive young girl in high school waiting to be swept off my feet by some Davidesque looking immortal being that cared for nothing in the world but my well-being. If my husband is reading this; that’s what I thought you were at the time - of course after 7 years of marriage I know that there’s more to you than that and it is all much better than the fantasy ;-) This is a test to see if you are actually reading my book reviews .
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