Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn (3/5 stars)

This is the first book I have read by Carrie Vaughn and also the first book in the ongoing Kitty Norville series. The writing style and story remind me a lot of Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. This is more of a paranormal action/drama type of book than a paranormal romance (for those of us who are picky with the type of paranormal book we read).

Kitty Norville is a DJ. She was attacked and turned into a werewolf previously and has been trying to live normally while partaking in pack life. She has been increasingly drawn to being awake night hours and subbing in for the overnight shift at the radio station she works at suites this perfectly. One night she takes some calls about paranormal activity and this really makes her program take off. Suddenly her program Kitty and the Midnight Hour, is being syndicated country-wide. Only this is making certain people very unhappy (mainly leaders in the supernatural community). Kitty is struggling to keep her place in her werewolf pack, as well as keep her radio show running, amoungst this all there are rumors about there being a cure for both werewolves and vampirism so she is trying to figure that out too.

This was a quick read. It is well-written. It is very very similar to Patricia Briggs writing style; in fact I think I might have trouble distinguishing between them. While this was an entertaining read on the plane; I didn't find it that exciting. The action scenes are mediocre, nothing that exciting happens, and the world (thus far) is something we have seen a million times before. Vampires and werewolves don't like each other, werewolf packs are male dominent, the paranormal community is on the edge of coming out, maybe.

Kitty herself is not a very inspiring character. Maybe she will become more in a few books. None of the side characters were all that interesting either. I thought this book was okay, but mostly boring. I happen to have the next three books in the series, so I will definitely read at least the next book. Just be warned that this is one of those books that sets you up for a long series, in and of itself it is not that interesting of a book. I actually thought the Mercy Thompson series was better and I wasn't really that big on that series either. Personally I have really enjoyed Jaz Parks and the Signs of the Zodiac series a lot more.

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