Monday, February 9, 2009

Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 2) by Erin Hunter (3.5 stars)

This is the second book in the second Warriors series called The New Prophecy. There are 6 books total in the series. This book followed the style of the first book but wasn't as good. Not as much happened; the plot line seemed a bit stuck.

This book begins right where the last book left off. Brambleclaw and crew are trying to make their way home from the ocean. Leafpaw and the Thunderclaw are trying to figure out why the Twolegs have started destroying their forest. That is basically the whole story right there.

The book was well-written and engaging. In fact so far these books have written in a very precise way. They alternate between two viewpoints and when they leave a viewpoint they leave it hanging at a critical point. This style does propel the reader through the book effectively; although it makes it hard to put the books down.

I was disappointed that the story didn't make more progress. This book was basically a slow and torturous story about how bad things are getting for the Clans. I found it a depressing read; but tried to remember that a lot of series need to hit their low point in the middle.

The most irritating thing was that the book ended with nothing resolved; not even minor story points. Personally I find this irritating. I kind of feel like some parts of the story should progress and be resolved in a book, even if the main story isn't. Anyway that's my biggest beef with this book. It ends mid-everything. I suppose this will make the reader run out and buy the next book to find out what happens (regardless of whether or not they actually thought it was well-written). Personally if I didn't already have the next book and had to wait a year for the next book to come out I would probably have stopped reading this series out of sheer irritation.

It is a good series though. And since I have the next book I can continue the story. So far I feel like this should have been one book and not 6. I suppose if all of these story-parts were put in one volume the sheer size of it would intimidate the bravest of souls. If you've read the first book chances are you will read this one just cause you don't want to die of suspense and you will also read the next book and the next one...

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