Monday, November 30, 2009

Kin (The Good Neighbors, Book 1) by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh (4.5/5 stars)

This is the first book in series of graphic novels called "The Good Neighbors" by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh. Looks like right now there are going to be three books. The second one is called "Kith" and it is already out. The third will be called "Kind" and will be out in 2010. I enjoyed this graphic novel a lot. Both the artwork and the story are very engaging.

Rue's mom has disappeared and her dad has been accused of murdering one of his students. As if this isn't bad enough Rue is starting to see things that she shouldn't; things that no one else can see. What is happening to Rue and her family? Will she be able to figure it out in time to save her dad and find her mom?

This book had a good plot; I was intrigued and am looking forward to reading the next graphic novel. As with most graphic novel series, this first book basically introduces you to the main characters and sets up the beginning of the story. Rue is a great character. Her friends are interesting and the fair folk Rue meets are the most intriguing characters of all.

The illustration throughout is awesome. I really enjoyed Naifeh's drawing style. All the pictures are in black and white. The detail that is in them is amazing; there are a number of pages you need to stare at for some time to process all that is going on in the drawings. Naifeh does an excellent job portraying the character's emotions.

Both the writing and the illustration are dark and moody. This is definitely not a child's fairy tale, although there isn't anything that makes this a mature book (no swearing, minimal violence, etc.). This is a great graphic novel for young adults or adults who love fairies and love Holly Black's writing.

I am eagerly awaiting the next book "Kith".

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