Monday, March 15, 2010

Review - Goblin Hero (Jig the Goblin, Book 2) by Jim C. Hines (4/5 stars)

This is the second book in the Jig the Goblin trilogy by Hines.  This one is very much in the style of the first book and makes for another humorous dungeon delving quest.

Jig has been granted the power of healing by his god Autumnstar and would love nothing more than to spend his days healing goblin wounds and being left alone.  However the goblin chief sees him as a threat and when an ogre shows up asking for Jig Dragonslayer; the chief is happy to see Jig leave.  Now Jig has another quest, against evil pixies to be exact and he has some dubious goblin companions who just may help him if they don't kill him first.

This book goes between two different character viewpoints.  Like in the last book we follow Jig, but in addition we hear a lot from Veka's viewpoint (she is a goblin who greatly desires to be a hero).  As far as writing style, plot style, character style goes this book is much like the first one.  I found the characters humorous but not incredibly engaging.  I found the plot interesting but not edge-of-your-seat gripping.  This book wasn't quite as funny as the first book.  A lot of time is spent with Veka and she is not a pleasant character...she takes herself way too seriously and I didn't like hearing from her as much as Jig.

This is another very classic dungeon crawling adventure; although this book has a more "save the world" tone to it than the first book.  The book wraps up nicely and gives a very complete story.  You wouldn't have to read "Goblin Quest" to enjoy this book, but "Goblin Quest" does give some nice background on Jig for this story.

Overall another fun and amusing read.  I look forward to reading the third, and final, book in this series "Goblin War".
Goblin Hero (Goblin Series)
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