Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review - Volcano: A Visual Guide by Donna O'Meara (5/5 stars)

I actually borrowed this book from the library because my son is so interested in volcanoes right now.  At 3 years old he likes the pictures and short explanations more than anything else.  This was such a great book that after returning it to the library I went a bought a copy of it to keep.

The book is broken down into a number of sections featuring lava lakes and flows, land formations caused by volcanoes, volcanoes on different planets, etc.  I've been learning a lot about volcanoes lately because of my son's interest and this book had some interesting images in it that I had never seen or heard of before.

The book consists of wonderful pictures that are just stunning!  Each picture has a short blurb associated with it that talks about where the land formation/volcano is located and gives a little history and information about it. 

This is the perfect book for people of all ages.  It has beautiful photographs that can be enjoyed by everyone, with some truly unique volcanic formations being shown.  The little blurbs with each picture are written at an adult reading level but are short enough to hold a child's interest as well.

This is definitely more of a coffee table book than a reference book on Volcanoes.  It doesn't talk as much about the "why volcanoes happen" as show you the where/when of current volcanic formations/activity.  That being said there is a lot of good information on the different types of volcanic structures located throughout the world (and on other planets).  It is a beautiful book, very high quality, I can't stress the beauty of the pictures enough. 

This book has been an awesome addition to our home library and I highly recommend it to everyone...I don't care who you are this is one beautiful, captivating, and interesting book on volcanoes.
Volcano: A Visual Guide 

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