Sunday, May 20, 2012

Springcon! I got to meet Bill Willingham :-)

My family and I went to Springcon at the State Fair Grounds today.  It was our first time going and it was a pretty good time despite the fact that it turned very cold and rainy.

There were a ton of comic book artists and retailers and some fun costumes.  Then I turned around and saw this guy sitting at an empty table all by himself.  There was a little sign in front of him that said "Bill Willingham".

I was all like "Seriously is that like the Fables Bill Willingham??"  I stared from a distance, I read his name tag...yep Bill Willingham.  Then I started to get a little fan girl.  I grabbed my husband and my parents "Oh my's Bill Willingham...I would have brought my Fables books for him to sign it I had known.  What do I have that he can sign?"

I tried to calm down, but I was so freaking excited. So I wandered away and composed myself, then finally I was all like "Mom, you have got to get a picture of me with Bill Willingham.  I have to put this on my blog."

So after the guy who was talking to him left (who had a whole backpack full of Fables signed),  I walked up and started babbling about how I loved Fables and had just started reading them last year.  He joked about being able to tell me lots of spoilers.  I asked how long he planned to continue the issues and he said he hoped he would die at his desk penning an issue of Fables twenty years from now (which is such an awesome answer).

Then I worked up the courage to ask for a picture.  I explained I ran a blog that did fantasy book reviews and featured graphic novels from time to time.  He smiled and said "Sure, although I tend not to show up in pictures and I don't get prettier no matter how many pics you take."  So below is a pic of me and Bill Willingham (seriously I am geeking out as I type...I was soooo excited!)

Okay...deep breath...I need to seriously get over this fangirldom.  My husband thought it was hilarious since I tend to be a bit cynical about people that get that excited over things.  But was Bill Willingham and he was super nice and funny.  So below is the picture :-)  Enjoy!  Yes I am wearing a Donkey Kong tank.

I spent the morning trying to explain Donkey Kong to my son who wanted to know why a monkey would roll barrels at Mario.  I finally said "Why do you fling Angry Birds at pigs?  That's why!"


  1. Now that's better than an autograph any day! Way cool!!

  2. I was grinning as I read your post. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    I actually suggested that my library purchase Fables Volume One (The Deluxe version!) and they have! Now I'm just waiting for them to get it in.

  3. Hi Megan!

    I hope that you enjoy it once you start reading it. So far my favorite has been Homelands (the last one I read). I can't wait to see where this ends up going as a series!

    My library doesn't carry Fables at all; so I have been begging for them for my birthday/Xmas/Mother's Day things like that :-)