Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/512 - Looking to the Week Ahead

Hi what I have planned for the upcoming week. Lots of book reviews like usual.  The winner of the Summer Giveaway Hop will be announced later in the week as well!

I will be reviewing the 13th book in the Fables series, The Great Fables Crossover.  What happens when Jack's world collides with the Fables?

I love Chris Wooding's books and was excited to get a chance to review his newest book, Pale, before it's release in September.

on Wednesday I will have an audiobook review of the final book in Kiersten White's Paranormalcy series.   this is such a fun series, totally a great summer read.  Also Wednesday is the last day to enter the Summer Giveaway Hop Contest!

On Thursday I review another awesome hilarious summer read called Driving Mr. Dead.  This is Molly Harper's new series and it is just as much fun as her Jane Jamieson series!

Finally on Friday I will be reviewing the final book in the Quantum Gravity series, Down to the Bone.  This is one of the most creative and complex sci-fi/fantasy series I have ever read and this book was an excellent conclusion to it.

So that's the plan for this coming week! Hope you guys have a great week of reading and enjoy the reviews.

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