Sunday, August 12, 2012

Looking to the Week Ahead - 8/13/12

Hi what I have planned for the upcoming week. Lots of book reviews like usual.

I will be reviewing the 14th book in the Fables series, Witches.  Finally we get back to the main story about the new evil released on the Fables.  I'll also be announcing the winner of the summer giveaway hop.

On Tuesday I will be reviewing a beautifully written fantasy novel, Seraphina.

On Wednesday I will be reviewing a YA paranormal werewolf book, Hemlock. I will also be posting my weekly Waiting on Wednesday post.

On Thursday I have an audiobook of Sacrificial Magic, the 4th book in the dark and sometimes disturbing Downside Ghosts urban fantasy series.

Finally on Friday I will be reviewing Ironskin. An interesting book with a steampunk/Victorian feeling to it that's set in a dark future.  It's supposed to be a little like Jane Eyre but with a steampunk/faerie twist to it.

So that's the plan for this coming week! Hope you guys have a great week of reading and enjoy the reviews.

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