Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review - The Faerie Ring (The Faerie Ring, Book 1) by Kiki Hamilton (4/5 stars)

Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Size: 352 pages
Publisher: Tor Teen
Release Date: September 27, 2011
ISBN: 978-0765327222
Stand Alone or Series: 1st book in the Faerie Ring series
Source: Borrowed from Library
Rating: 4/5 stars

This is the first book in the Faerie Ring series, four book are planned for this series. The second book, The Torn Wing, is already released. The third book, The Seven Year King, is scheduled for a May 2013 release. The fourth and final book, The Faerie Queen, is scheduled for an October 2013 release. I really enjoyed this historical fantasy...it was a fun and easy read about thieves and faeries.

This is a well done historical fantasy about Tiki who is a pickpocket. While robbing a very well stocked kitchen of some bread she happens to find herself in the position to steal an elaborate ring. Little does she know that she was in the Queen’s kitchen and that the ring isn’t just a pretty piece of jewelry...it protects humanity from the vicious fey.

This was a fun and easy read. It was a sweet story about Tiki who is just trying to scrape by and protect some children she has taken under her wing. Tiki is incredibly loyal and determined to take care of the orphan children who have come under her care. Sometimes Tiki can be a bit reckless as well. She is haunted by a past that she doesn’t remember all that well.

Tiki’s fate gets entangled with Rieker, a renowned thief who seems to know a lot more about the fey than anyone else Tiki knows. Her story is also entwined with that of Prince Leopold. Prince Leopold is desperately searching for the ring and thinks that Tiki knows more about it than she lets on. Both of the male leads are well done characters that are complex and intriguing.

There is definitely a large dose of romance in this story. Tiki feels safe with Rieker and is drawn to him, they have a long history together. However, Tiki is also drawn to Leopold and the glitter and splendor of his life.

The writing is beautiful done. The way Tiki cares for her friends is touching and sweet. The romance throughout is also of the sweet and touching variety. This is very much a Cinderella, rag to riches, type of story with some faerie complications. This isn’t all that special or creative of a book but it was a nice and sweet read; I ended up enjoying the simplicity of it and the sweetness of it.

Overall a solid YA historical fantasy. The book is beautifully written, with some fun twists and turns. The characters are easy to engage with and the story is sweet and simple. There isn’t all that much creativity here; but those who enjoy historical fantasies set in London will still find a lot to love. I enjoyed it and will definitely be picking up The Torn Wing.

This book goes towards the following reading challenges:
- YA/MG Fantasy Reading Challenge
- 150+ Reading Challenge
- Young Adult Reading Challenge

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