Thursday, April 11, 2013

Early Review - Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos by Simon Tofield (4/5 stars)

Reading Level: All Ages
Genre: Humor/Cartoon
Size: 240 pages
Publisher: Akashic Books
Release Date: April 16, 2013
ISBN: 978-1617751585
Stand Alone or Series: 3rd book in the Simon’s Cat series
Source: ARC through Librarything’s Early Reviewers
Rating: 4/5 stars

I got a copy of this book to review through Librarything’s Early Reviewer Program. Thanks to Akashic and Librarything for a chance to review this book. This was a super fun and cute read that cat fans of all ages will love.

This is the third book released featuring Simon’s Cat. The focus of this book, as the title suggests, is the addition of a new kitten to the household and how exactly Simon’s cat feels about all of that.

Simon’s cat started out as a web comic. For those who have followed the web comic, you know there are no words in the cartoons. So there are no words in this book, just the whole series of cartoons. The cartoons start from the acquisition of the new kitten, to later in the year when Simon’s Cat and the kitten are finally working together more.

All ages of cat lovers will find this book hilarious. My family and I just got a new kitten a few months ago and so we could relate, first hand, to a lot of the kitten antics that were in here. My six year old son laughed so hard he was almost in tears and my husband and I also found the book to be incredibly funny.

As you can imagine this book explore how a kitten can make an older cat’s life very difficult. It also looks out how a kitten and cat can work together to make a human’s life very hectic. As the book goes on there are even dogs, birds, bunnies, and hedgehogs involved.

The first portion of the book was the funniest. As the bunnies and hedgehogs got involved my family had a harder time relating to the comics and didn’t find them quite as funny.

The final part of the book gives instructions on how you too can draw all of the animals in this book.

Overall a very cute and funny read. Highly recommended to all fans of cat humor. The drawings are cute and the antics of the kitten and cat are pretty darn accurate. I really enjoyed this book, it will make a great book to sit on the coffee table to make people laugh.

This book goes towards the following reading challenges:
- Graphic Novel Reading Challenge
- 150+ Reading Challenge

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