Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Announcing Hidden in Pages...a new home for my blog.

Hi Guys!

I finally decided it was long past time to move my blog to a new home. I've been at this address for about 6 years and I think it's time to move things in a different direction.  I've wanted to rebrand this blog for awhile and make a blog with an awesome name that actually matches my blog address. I want to do all the artwork custom by myself.

So last night I finally bit the bullet and registered a domain name as well as found a host for it. The new blog will be titled...drum roll please....

Hidden in Pages

It is honestly going to be a month or two until everything is set up and the blog actually moves over to that new location.

So, for now, you can just go on enjoying the blog at it's current location.  I will send out a notice when I move and there will be a period when I redirect traffic.  Hopefully this won't cause me to loose too many of you wonderful followers.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to update some of my social networking and work on creating a cohesive blog that will hopefully help many of you find great new books to read!

Thanks so much for supporting and following this blog :-)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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