Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HIdden in Pages now up and Running

Hi Guys,

I have my blog migrated over to Hidden in Pages now. So if you would like to continue to follow me here is a link to the new site:

I do have an RSS feed set up, so feel free to follow through that. I am going to set up other social media stuff over the coming week. I am going to try to separate this blog from my personal life a bit more, so it will have it's own twitter account and facebook page etc.

I will also be programming in redirects from this blog, so hopefully if you visit this blog you will be automatically redirected after tonight.

The site isn't beautiful yet...but it's getting there.  It's a bit painful learning wordpress and getting through the whole having your own domain thing.

Lastly I will be holding a number of large giveaways to promote the new site and look; so make sure to check out the new site and set up and RSS feed to it!

Hope you will all continue to follow! Thanks for your support in this rather large move for me :-)

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