Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kiss of Life (Generation Dead, Book 2) by Daniel Waters (4/5 stars)

This is the second book in the Generation Dead series by Daniel Waters. The 3rd book "Passing Strange" is due out in June of 2010. This was a great follow-up book to the first book in the series.

This book takes up shortly after Book 1 left off. Adam has re-animated as one of the biotically different (zombie). Unfortunately it is taking Adam a long time to regain any functionality. As a result Phoebe is spending a ton of time looking after him and has cut off any of her relations with Tommy. Meanwhile the edgy zombie "Smiley" has created a group called the Sons of Romero that play pranks on breathers to keep the Zombies in the spotlight. Unfortunately someone is doing pranks that aren't funny at all and they are making it look like the Zombies are responsible; which is starting to unite society against the differently biotic. Thrown into all this mystery is the Hunter Corporation. The Hunter Corporation is supposed to be helping with Zombie rights, but all is not what it seems to be.

There is a ton going on in this book. It is actually a fairly complicated plot. The plot is engaging and the characters are interesting and full of depth. It was a quick read and touches on a lot of political issues of human and undead rights. For the most part I really enjoyed this book. Although as things start to go more and more wrong, I found myself cringing. At the end of this book you can't help but feel that things are going to get really, really bad for all of the characters in the third book.

The most irritating part of this book was the beginning, way too much time was spent on Adam and Phoebe. Especially on listening to Phoebe moan about how Adam saved her, how she feels guilty, and how he needs her. I thought Waters went over this a bit too much and spent too much time driving this predicament into the ground. If this part had been shortened up it would have been a wonderful book indeed.

I also have to mention the horribly chick-lit cover. The cover has nothing to do with the story. The cover also lends the impression that this is some tween bubble gum read, and that it is not. The book is very serious and deals with a lot of serious issues. I am not too big on the book covers picked out for this series, I wish they reflected the material inside a little better.

The above being said, this was a good read. As both the world, the characters, and the plot become more and more complicated I am starting to wonder where this story will lead us. I know last I heard the plan was possibly 5 books for this series. I am wondering with the plot pace and complications, if it will actually be wrapped up that quickly. A good read. If you liked the first book you will like this one too.

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