Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mailbox Monday - 4/26

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Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week (checked out library books don’t count, eBooks & audio books do). Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists. 

I was pretty light on getting books this week.  I really am trying to make an effort to read through the 180 so that I have to read.  So, I only got three books.

The first one I got through's Early Reviewer program and that was "Shapeshifter" by Holly Bennett.  The second book I got from Traveling ARC Tours and that one is the first book of The Morpheus Trilogy called "The Light" by D. J. MacHale.  The last book was a Kindle book that I picked up for free on Amazon called "Regina in the Sun" (Children of the Goddess, Book 1) by R. G. Alexander.

Check out more details on these books below!  Hope you all have a great week of reading :-)

The Light (Morpheus Road, Book 1) by D. J. MacHale
The Light (Morpheus Road)
First Sentence: "I believe in ghosts."
"#1 NYT bestselling author D.J. MacHale's Morpheus Road trilogy brings readers down an ethereal pathway between the worlds of the living and dead."

Shapeshifter by Holly Bennett
First Sentence: "She woke in the early dawn, the light still only a promise in the dissolving darkness.
"A woman trapped in the body of a deer.  A dark sorcerer in relentless pursuit.  A mysterious child, found along on the slopes of a great mountain.  Set in the wild, magical landscape of iron-age Ireland, Shapeshifer is a tale a rapacious evil, quiet courage and the healing power of love."


Regina in the Sun: Children of the Goddess Book 1 (Kindle Edition)by R. G. Alexander

Regina in the Sun (Children of the Goddess)
First Sentence: "She was going to die."
"There's only one place left to run-into forbidden arms. Children of the Goddess Book 1 Children of the Goddess Book One When she arrives at Ye Olde Haven Pub, the sanctuary for Trueblood Vampires, Regina is wounded and desperate. Her only thought is to save the Deva Clan, her family, from the dangerous Loups De L'Ombre, the Shadow Wolves. She knows she will not exactly be welcomed with open arms. She is, after all, an Unborn, the lowest caste of Vampire.
As a natural born from the purest line, Zander Sariel knows the rules are sacrosanct-a Trueblood mates with his own kind. But one taste of the young Unborn is all Zander needs to know that rules were made to be broken.
With enemies at every turn, Zander risks everything to save Regina from the monster that hunts her, his own kind's ignorance and-if he must-her lack of faith in her own unique abilities.
Only together do they have a chance to defeat the shadow that haunts their future, and save their entire race from extinction."


  1. I haven't heard of these books before, but I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Hope they're both really good reads!

  3. Ooh Shapeshifter looks very intriguing! My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  4. These titles are new to me. I hope you enjoy them all!