Friday, August 6, 2010

Review - Valentine: Episodes 1 and 2 by Alex de Campi (Author), Christine Larsen (Illustrator) (4/5 stars)

I was eager to see how reading a comic worked on my Kindle and it works pretty darn well.

The pages are in landscape mode so you hold your Kindle on the side to read it.  The pictures are beautifully drawn and I was impressed with how well you can see the detail with the e-ink as well as with the detail itself.

As for the story it looks like it could be pretty good.  It is about some soldiers after the war of 1812.  Two of them stumble upon some strange conflict and Valentine ends up with a mysterious package that he is tasked with delivering.  Very mysterious and interesting.

My only complaints are that the two episodes are very short...took maybe 10 minutes to read.  I understand it is only $0.99, but I felt a bit cheated still.  Maybe if 5 episodes were sold together it would seem more worth it.  Also at times I had a bit of trouble telling who was who with all the male lead characters that were in a few of the frames.

Overall it was beautifully drawn and looks like it is leading to an interesting story.  Very short though, so I will probably wait to see what other people say about the follow up episodes before purchasing them.

Valentine: Episodes 01 & 02 (English) (Comic Book / Graphic Novel) (Valentine ) 

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