Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review - Vanished (Greywalker, Book 4) by Kat Richardson (4/5 stars)

This is the 4th book in the Greywalker series.  The 5th book Labyrinth was just released; last I heard there are 6 books planned for this series.  This book was a great addition to the series and it tied together a lot of the occasional random things that happened in the previous books.  I listened to this on audio book; which was okay.  The lady reading the audio book has a little trouble distinguishing male voice, but other than that it was well done.

Harper is having nightmares and receiving ghostly phone calls telling her she has to go back to her past if she is going to figure out what is happening to the supernatural world at large.  This takes her to California for a visit to her mother, here she finds out new information about her father.  She is forced to leave California in a hurry when vampire lord of Seattle, Edward, requests her help with something that is happening in London.  So off to London she goes.  What she finds there is creepy and wide-reaching.  She finds she is part of a plan that started before she was born and the results of it might destroy the supernatural world as she knows it.

This was a great book.  Some of the strange unexplained things that happened in previous books finally make sense.  In fact it was impressive how nicely Richardson tied everything together, you can tell she really thought this through and everything that happens in this series was planned from the beginning.  Richardson focuses on a specific area for each book, in this case that was the history of London and London as a city.  This was very cool since I had the pleasure of vacationing London earlier this year.

Harper approaches things a very practical attitude, plans out things meticulously and is smart; I always enjoy this compared to other series I have read where the heroine is scatter-brained and confused.  Will and Michael are back in the picture for a bit; Quentin is mostly absent.  We get the addition of some new characters that are fascinating; especially the fellow Greywalker Harper runs into.

We learn a ton about Harper's past and her powers as a Greywalker are further explored.  I enjoyed all of it.  The story does a great job of wrapping up the London storyline but leaves Seattle on the brink of disaster, as well as handing out additional questions about how Harper's father is involved with everything.

I did miss the inclusion of Quentin and Chaos, the ferret, as a result this book didn't have as much humor as previous ones.  I did think that the plot was wonderfully intricate and that the description and characters were awesome.  I really enjoy Richardson's writing style.

Overall another excellent addition to the series.  I can't wait to get my hands on Labyrinth.

This book goes towards the following reading challenges:
- The 100+ Book Reading Challenge
Vanished: A Greywalker Novel 


  1. I really liked the first one but I never did read anything else in this series.

  2. They've been pretty darn good :-) I enjoy the detective quality and have really liked the concept of the Grey.
    - Karissa