Monday, June 18, 2012

Graphic Novel Review - Sons of Empire (Fables, Book 9) by Bill Willingham (4.5/5 stars)

Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Graphic Novel
Size: 200 pages
Publisher: Vertigo
Release Date: June 6, 2007
ISBN-13: 978-1401213169
Stand Alone or Series: 9th book in the Fables series
Source: Bought
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This is the ninth installment in the Fables series. This one progresses the story of the Adversary some, but also spends time with Bigby, Snow and their family. It was a good installment in the series and I enjoyed it.

The first couple issues go over the Adversary and their plans to attack the Fables after the devastation Bigby caused to their Sacred Grove. The remainder deals with Bigby, Snow and their kids. We see Christmas at their house and Bigby et al finally find his father the North Wind and visit him. This is about the sons (Pinocchio and Bigby) trying to reconcile and deal with their fathers.

This was a fun addition to the series. It doesn’t progress the overall story much; we just get to see some war planning on the Adversary’s end. We do get to see a lot more of Bigby, Snow, and kids. This was entertaining and nice interlude amongst all the heavy war talk.

In general the drawing is similar to previous issues, with the exception being one issue with Bigby in it that is drawn in a very sketchy way. It was okay, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other illustrations.

There is also a funny section in the back of the book where Willingham answers questions from the readers. I enjoyed this.

Overall this is another solid installment in the Fables series. I liked that the main story was progressed some. I also enjoyed learning more about Bigby and the North Wind and their relationship. Highly recommended to those who enjoy fairy tale retellings and/or urban fantasy.

This book goes towards the following reading challenges:
- Graphic Novel Challenge
- Horror and Urban Fantasy Challenge
- 150+ Books Reading Challenge
- TBR Pile Reading Challenge

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