Friday, June 8, 2012

Graphic Novel Review - Wolves (Fables, Book 8) by Bill Willingham (5/5 stars)

Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Graphic Novel
Size: 160 pages
Publisher: Vertigo
Release Date: December 6, 2006
ISBN-13: 978-1401210014
Stand Alone or Series: 8th book in the Fables series
Source: Bought
Rating: 5/5 stars

This is the eighth installment in the Fables series. I really enjoyed this installment, we finally get a reunion between Bigby and Snow! We also get to learn more about Snow’s children.

In this installment Mowgli finally finds Bigby and Bigby is given a mission to the Cloud Kingdom. If Bigby can complete his mission there’s a chance that him and Snow can finally be together once and for all.

I liked this book much better than Arabian Nights (and Days); we finally get some resolution around the whole Bigby/Snow relationship. We also get to meet their children in more detail and follow as they learn to control their powers.

Additionally we are introduced to a new kingdom called the Cloud Kingdom. Fabletown desperately wants an alliance with the Cloud Kingdom.

Cinderella also played a much bigger role in this book; I enjoyed her character and am curious to see what happens with her in the future.

The book includes the original “script” from one of the scenes at the end and this was an entertaining read as well.

Overall a fun addition to Fables; I really enjoyed this installment and am curious to see what happens next. Definitely recommended for fans of the Fables comics. Also recommend for urban fantasy fans or fans of fairy tale retellings.

This book goes towards the following reading challenges:
- Graphic Novel Challenge
- Horror and Urban Fantasy Challenge
- 150+ Books Reading Challenge
- TBR Pile Reading Challenge

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