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Mailbox Monday - 10/4

IMM is a meme started at The Story Siren with some inspiration from Alea of Pop Culture Junkie.

Anyone can participate in IMM and you are not limited to only sharing books that arrive via your mailbox. You can also share books that you've bought or books that you've gotten at the library.

Mailbox Monday can be found at: The Printed Page

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week (checked out library books don’t count, eBooks & audio books do). Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists. 

This week I got seven books.  The first was from the Amazon Vine program and it is Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall.  This one just looked too crazy to pass up.

I actually bought four books.  The first book I bought in paperback and that was Venom (Elemental Assasin, Book 3) by Jennifer Estep; this is seriously one of the best urban fantasy series I have ever read so I had to have the newest book in the series ASAP.  The second was Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2) by Ilona Andrews; again anything by Ilona Andrews is absolutely top notch urban fantasy, even if The Edge books do have a little more romance to them.

The second two books I "bought" were Kindle freebies that sounded really interesting.  Thanks to the paperbackswap forum for drawing my attention to them...they were: The Weight of Blood (The Half-Orcs, Book 1) by David Dalglish and Sixty-One Nails (The Courts of the Feyre, Volume 1) by Mike Shevdon.  It's hard to pass up freebies that look interesting... 

Lastly I got two books from the library that I have been waiting to read for a while: Falling In by Frances O'roark Dowell and Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.

You can find more info on the books below.  Hope that you all have a great week of reading!

Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall
Night of the Living Trekkies 
First Sentence: "Space, the final frontier..."
From "Jim Pike was the world's biggest Star Trek fan—until two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race. Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston.

But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a science-fiction convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by costumed Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi—plus a strange virus that transforms its carriers into savage, flesh-eating zombies!

As bloody corpses stumble to life and the planet teeters on the brink of total apocalypse, Jim must deliver a ragtag crew of fanboys and fangirls to safety. Dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers, their prime directive is to survive. But how long can they last in the ultimate no-win scenario?"

Venom (Elemental Assasin, Book 3) by Jennifer Estep
Venom (Elemental Assassin, Book 3)
First Sentence: "The bastards never even would have gotten close to me if I hadn't had the flu."
From "What kind of assassin works pro bono?
It’s hard to be a badass assassin when a giant is beating the crap out of you. Luckily, I never let pride get in the way of my work. My current mission is personal: annihilate Mab Monroe, the Fire elemental who murdered my family. Which means protecting my identity, even if I have to conceal my powerful Stone and Ice magic when I need it most. To the public, I’m Gin Blanco, owner of Ashland’s best barbecue joint. To my friends, I’m the Spider, retired assassin. I still do favors on the side. Like ridding a vampire friend of her oversized stalker—Mab’s right-hand goon who almost got me dead with his massive fists. At least irresistible Owen Grayson is on my side. The man knows too much about me, but I’ll take my chances. Then there’s Detective Bria Coolidge, one of Ashland’s finest. Until recently, I thought my baby sister was dead. She probably thinks the same about me. Little does she know, I’m a cold-blooded killer . . . who is about to save her life."


Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2) by Ilona Andrews
Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2)
First Sentence: "William sipped some beer from the bottle of Modelo Especial and gave the Green Arrow his hard stare."
From "Cerise Mar and her clan are cash poor but land rich, claiming a large swathe of the Mire, the Edge swamplands. When her parents vanish, her clan's long-time rivals are suspect. But all is not as it seems.

Two nations of the Weird are waging a cold war fought by feint and espionage, and their conflict is about to spill over into the Edge-and Cerise's life."

The Weight of Blood (The Half-Orcs, Book 1) by David Dalglish
The Weight of Blood (The Half-Orcs, Book 1)

First Sentence: "The two brothers were almost to the wall when the skulls flew overhead."
From "Fantasy author David Dalglish begins his series of the half-orc brothers, whose struggles will soon bathe the land of Dezrel in demon fire…

Five hundred years ago, brother gods devastated their world with civil war. When they were imprisoned, their conflict ended without a victor. Centuries passed while their followers secretly continued the war, a war that will soon have an end.

The gods have found their paragons."

Sixty-One Nails (The Courts of the Feyre, Volume 1) by Mike Shevdon
Sixty-One Nails: Courts of the Feyre, Book 1 
First Sentence: "I was staring into space when it happened, so I didn't really see." 

A dark magic will be unleashed by the Untainted...Unless a new hero can be found. The smarter, faster brother to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere has arrived.

The immense Sixty-One Nails follows Niall Petersen, victim of a suspected heart attack on the London Underground, into the hidden world of the Feyre, an uncanny place of legend that lurks just beyond the surface of everyday life. The Untainted, the darkest of the Seven Courts, have made their play for power, and unless Niall can recreate the ritual of the Sixty-One Nails, their dark dominion will enslave all of the Feyre, and all of humankind too."

From Library:

Falling In by Frances O'roark Dowell
Falling In  
First Sentence: "On the morning this story begins, Isabelle Bean was convinced she was teetering on the edge of the universe."
From "B z z z z z z z
The buzzing sound?
Do you hear that?
There it is again.
B z z z z z z z
No? Well, I really shouldn't have asked. Most people can't hear it, anyway. But, if you could, you'd think it sounds like you're teetering on the edge of the universe. That's what Isabelle Bean thinks...and she's not that far from the truth.
B z z z z z z z
You really don't hear that?
Well, it's actually not that great to have a buzzing in your ear. It's distracting for one thing. And when Isabelle starts listening to the buzz instead of, say, her boring teacher, strange things happen. She gets sent to the principal's office (that's not so strange), but then while awaiting her punishment, she tumbles into an adventure—into another world that's a little bit different, a little bit Hansel & Gretel-y, a little bit like a fairy tale, which would be great, but...did I mention that Isabelle is an unusual dresser? When she shows up in fairy-tale land wearing her favorite high, pointy boots, the fairy-tale people start thinking that Isabelle is a witch -- and not just any witch, but the witch!"

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Will Grayson, Will Grayson  
First Sentence: "When I was little, my dad used to tell me, "Willm you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."
From "One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens—both named Will Grayson—are about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building toward romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history's most fabulous high school musical.
Hilarious, poignant, and deeply insightful, John Green and David Levithan's collaborative novel is brimming with a double helping of the heart and humor that have won both them legions of faithful fans."


  1. You've got fascinating books in your mailbox! Enjoy!!

  2. I really want to read Will Grayson, Will Grayson and I bet my husband would love that Star Trek book - it looks like loads of fun! Happy reading!

  3. I hope they're all good reads!

  4. All new to me, didn't know there was a speculative challenge this year until I saw the button. Thanks!

    Here's my Monday.