Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review - Bayon Moon (The Edge, Book 2) by Ilona Andrews (5/5 stars)

Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2)Reading level: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Paperback: 480 pages
Release Date: September 28th, 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0441019458
Stand Alone or Series:Book 2 in The Edge series; 4 books on contract for this series

Rating: 5/5 stars

I read this book on my Kindle.  It is the second book in The Edge series by husband and wife book writing team, Ilona Andrews.  There are four books contracted for this series.  You don't really have to read the first book, On the Edge, to enjoy this one; although some characters from the first book do make an appearance in this one.

Cerise Mar and her family own tons of land in the Mire, the Edge Swamplands, but they are poor.  When Cerise's parents are captured by a feuding family; she is now the family's leader and will stop at nothing to get her parents back even if it does mean rekindling an ages old feud with the competing Mire family.  But things are more complicated than Cerise could imagine.  William, the changeling from the first book in the series, has been hired by the Mirror to track down an agent of the Hand (both factions represent nations of the Weird) named the Spider.  William and Cerise find that their paths will cross and that Cerise's family feud may be connected to a silent war being waged between the Mirror and the Hand. 

I actually liked this book quite a bit more than On the Edge, and I liked that book a lot.  The plot for this book is a lot more complex, there is more battle and more intrigue.  This book also ties in more of the politics that are happening in the Weird and it was great to see more of the infrastructure that makes up the Wierd; we never got to see much of the Weird in the first book.

William and Cerise are wonderful characters.  Cerise is tough and shoulders her responsibilites to her huge family well; she has some weak moments but that only makes her easier to love as a character.  William is a wonderful match for Cerise, he is just as tough as Cerise and comes with a lot of baggage which makes him a realistic and lovable character as well.   The chemistry between these two characters is amazing; you are really rooting for them the whole book.  Even the side characters are unique and well developed.  There are a number of side characters in the group of the Hand and in Cerise's family that could hold a story all their own; they are wonderfully complex and interesting.

This book is more of an urban fantasy than a paranormal romance.  There are a couple steamy scenes between Cerise and William.  William is one of those "Mate-for-life" alpha males which makes the story lean a little to the romance side at some points.  That being said there is a ton of action and some truly awesome fight scenes  in the book, and it is these type of scenes that make up the majority of the story.  Nothing ever gets overly serious in this book; the characters have a great sense of humor and the dialogue and banter does an excellent job reflecting this.

As with ever other book I have read by the Andrews; the plot is tight, the fight scenes well done, the romance scenes well done, the book very engaging, great world-building, and lovable characters.  Just a great book overall.

Overall this was a wonderful addition to this series.  This book broadens the world we were introduced to in the first book, On the Edge, and has a more complex story than the first book did.  Cerise and William are tough characters who really kick-butt but are at the same time lovable.  I can't wait to read the next book in this series to see what it adds to the story.  Ilona Andrews has quickly become an author who can do no wrong as far as I am concerned...everything I have read by this husband and wife team has been wonderful.  Definitely check out their Kate Daniels series; I love that series just as much as, if not more than, this series.  If you enjoy this series and the Kate Daniel's series I highly recommend the following Jaz Parks by Jennifer Rardin, Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep, Dorina Basarab by Karen Chance, and Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.  All feature tough female characters and highly developed, creative worlds that lean more towards urban fantasy than paranormal romance.

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Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2) 

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  1. I loved this book - and I agree with you, I liked this one better than On the Edge. :)

    I can't wait to see where the series is going.