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Review - Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, Book 5) by Richelle Mead (5/5 stars)

Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, Book 6)Reading level: Adult
Genre: Paranormal
Size: 304 pages
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: September 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-0758232014
Stand Alone or Series: 6th (and final book) in Georgina Kincaid series
Source: Borrowed from Library
Rating: 5/5 stars

This is the sixth and final book in the Georgina Kincaid series.  It was a wonderful conclusion to the series; it tied up things nicely and had some wonderful surprises.

Georgina and Seth are finally getting things to work out between them.  Georgina is working as one of Santa's elves to make ends meet, not a great job, but better than nothing.  Seth's sister is struggling with cancer and this is putting a lot of stress on Seth.  Then Georgina gets shocking news, she's being transferred to Las Vegas.  It's a dream situation for her, but how will it affect her relationship with Seth?  Also why was the transfer so sudden, does it have something to do with her contract with Hell?

This was a great book.  The mysteries behind Georgina and Seth feeling like they have always known each other and of what might be wrong with Georgina's contract with Hell are finally resolved.  Let me tell you the resolution is wonderful and surprising and just very well done.

I love these characters and all of them are back in this story.  There weren't as many flashbacks to Georgina's past as in previous books, but we do finally learn the full history about her contract with Hell.  Roman features in the story quite a bit, we also finally learn Carter's reason for being around.
I loved how deep the conspiracy in Hell goes and how convoluted their efforts to keep Georgina from learning the truth about her contract are.  The book was paced well, not much action but a lot of great mystery.

Overall I really really enjoyed the conclusion to this series.  All the big questions are resolved and the answers were unique and surprising, but obviously well planned.  There aren't as many flashbacks into Georgina's past, but you do learn her full history.  The book is well written, well paced, and more of a mystery than anything.  Given how things end I am wondering if we will be seeing a spin-off series featuring Roman in future books...that would be awesome!

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Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, Book 6)

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