Monday, April 13, 2009

When the Tripods Came by John Christopher (3/5 stars)

The original tripods trilogy was one of my favorite reads as a young adult. This book is a prequel to that trilogy; I have owned it forever and have never read it. So when I found the trilogy (along with this prequel) sitting on my bookshelf I decided to give it another read.

This is a short book but I found it was not as engaging as I remember the trilogy to be. It is a book that basically tells how the tripods came to our world. Overall I agree with the other reviewers that say read the trilogy first and then come back to this prequel for filler if you want to.

It was well written but seemed to be more a quick telling of events leading to the invasion than a really gripping story. It is a quick read at 150 pages or so. It was interesting to find out the before but this book doesn't really fit in that well with the other books of the trilogy.

I am on to read the trilogy now to see if those books are as excellent as I remember them being. I hope they are!

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