Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Weekly Book Haul

I got another round of books last week. Mostly from the Library; the Library is much quicker about getting books I want to read than I though they would be! So Kudos to them on revitalizing my faith in my local library.

From the Library This Week:

I have been waiting to read this book and am so excited to finish it.

I haven't been thrilled with this series but the books are okay and a fun, fast summer read.

Yes, I am still reading this series. Shame on me. But, notice I am no longer buying the books...not even used.

From Amazon Vine:

There was a special Amazon Vine edition this week featuring business books. Since I am interested in everything I though, why not?!

I acquired this indirectly from Vine; as me and my mom swapped Vine books.


I am very excited to read this book by Brandon Sanderson. I loved "Warbreaker" and am excited to read more of his works.

This book has on my wish list forever. Hopefully it will be as good as it sounds.

Well that is all for this week! How am I ever going to keep up with all of these books coming in? I don't know but getting them is always exciting!

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