Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News: Kim Harrison = Dawn Cook?

I am trying to expand the book blog a bit with various bits of news that I find out.

Today I learned that Kim Harrison is the nom de plume of Dawn Cook. I have been curious to read some Dawn Cook novels. Now that I know that one of my favorite authors, Kim Harrison, is none other than Dawn Cook herself I am definitely going to add the Decay Princess series to books I want to read. This was apparently posted in the a May 2009 article of Locus magazine.

Also it was with much sadness last week that I learned that David Eddings past away. I have read a couple of his series in the past and really enjoyed them; they were excellent examples of hardcore adventure fantasies. It is always sad when such a steadfast fantasy writer passes away :-(

That's all for today. I am also going to try and start posting what books are added to my seemingly endless pile of reading as time goes on.

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