Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monday Weekly Book Haul

Okay if I don't stop getting so many books I will never get to the end of my pile. The library has continued to get in books way faster than their predictions. So imagine my surprise when I showed up last Thursday to pick up a book and they had 5 books for me to pick up...geez.

From the Library:

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I love retellings of classic fairy tales and am looking forward to this one.

Yep, still reading this series too. Rumor is it will all be over soon. I thought "A Lick of Frost" was okay so maybe this one will be even better.

This is the sequel to "Evernight" I am hoping that it is an excellent read.

Another book in a series I think has been mediocre at best. Maybe I will give the series up after this book; we will see. Still it is one of the only series with classic fairies in it.

Another series where I read the first book and thought it was okay. I have the second book to read and then this one. Hopefully it will be a good read.


This is the sequel to "Night Calls"; which I own but haven't read yet. I have heard great things about this series though.

I got this book soley because someone want to swap me books directly and this was one they had that sounded interesting. It will go on the shelf as an oddity for me to read when I get a chance (Like that will ever happen).

This book just sounded funny and entertaining...and it had I had to have it.

From Amazon Vine:

I got this from Vine. I am about 50 pages into it and absolutely loving it; it is a gritty book that reminds me a bit of a classic comic book story with a little Jim Butcher and Niel Gaiman thrown in :-)

A book I got through Vine for my son. It is okay a little wordy but the pictures are nice. I can't get my son to sit through it though.

Well that's it for this week! And I think that is more than enough :-)


  1. Swallowing Darkness was wonderful I sure hope the rumors are false, I'd hate for the Merry Gentry series to end. :)

  2. I am glad you liked Swallowing Darkness. I have a couple more books to read before that one but I am excited to read it!