Sunday, September 20, 2009

News - Next Anita Blake Book, Blue Bloods Book 5, and Sign of the Zodiac Book 5

I was researching the next books in series I am reading and ran across some information that was new to me.

The wikipedia article for Laurell Hamilton has been updated and showed that Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Book 18 will be entitled "Flirt". has the release date as Feb. 2nd 2010.

Melissa de la Cruz shared via Twitter that the 5th Blue Bloods book will be entitled "Misguided Angel" and will be released in the Fall of 2010. I know we are all still waiting for the 4th Blue Bloods book to come out in a few months. But just in case you wanted a head up :-)

Also is anyone is reading the "Signs of the Zodiac" series by Vicki Pettersson you will be happy to know that there is going to be a fifth book in the series. It is on her website that the book will be called "Cheat the Grave" and will be out in the summer of 2010.

Okay well that is all the news I have for now!

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  1. First had a good story line but went into all the action way too soon. Some parts I think were totally irrelevent to the book. I could really care less if there were sex scences in the book or not. I also agree with alot of other readers that she needs to bring back the main characters like Jean Claude and Asher. They make the books more exciting. My overall reveiw was that it was an ok book but could have been much more longer and more in depth with the storyline.