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Review - Eye of the Tempest (Jane True, Book 4) by Nicole Peeler (4.5/5 stars)

Eye of the Tempest (Jane True)Reading level: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Size: 352 pages

Publisher: Orbit
Release Date: August 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-0316128087
Stand Alone or Series: 4th book in the Jane True series
Source: Borrowed from Library
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Jane True series by Peeler.  This book was less romance and more urban fantasy than the previous books.  I really enjoyed it and am intrigued by some of the turns the story takes.

Jane is trying to catch her breath from all of the events that happened in the last book.  Then strange things start happening in the town of Rockabill.  Random people (normal and supernaturals alike) start spouting strange warnings without realizing it and some of the baddies we've all grown to hate show up searching for...something.  Jane, Anyan, and crew have to figure out what everyone is searching for and how to get to it before the baddies do.  They have some additional help in the mysterious character Blondie, who is one of the Originals.

I really enjoyed this book.  You get a bit of Jane and Anyan time in the first third of the book, I love Anyan and enjoyed the steamy scenes between him and Jane.  I also enjoyed Jane's quirks, her funniness, and the constant arguments between her libido and her virtue.  Additionally I enjoyed watching Jane grow into her substantial power.  After all of the training in the last book, she has learned how to wield her magic much more efficiently and she is continuing to train and learn her limits.

The story takes on a bit of a quest feel as Jane and crew struggle to find the locks that unlock the huge thing beneath Rockabill.  There is searching and stumbling through dark caves, and I am going to be honest the adventure fantasy fan in me loved some of these scenes.  Then there is Jane taking on a whole new aspect, that of a champion and a fighter.  Yes being a fighter is totally against Jane's nature, but that's what makes it so interesting.  I am sure in the next book Jane will make all the training to learn to fight absolutely hilarious and we will get to see Jane take on yet more responsibilities and grow into a force to be reckoned with.

Blondie wasn't my favorite character, she was okay and did add a sense of mystery to the story.  Based on the end of this book it looks like she will be playing a major role in future books.  I am kind of hoping the thing going on between her and Jane stays just a passing thing and doesn't get any more...well deep.  I really am pulling for Jane and Anyan to work things out and don't want Blondie getting in the way.

The book ends well and does an excellent job of completing the main story in this book.  It does start up the story arc for the next novel too, and I am dying to know what happens next.  With Jane positioned to take on a world of evil I am eager to see what happens!

Overall an excellent addition to this series.  It was more urban fantasy than paranormal romance (although there are some excellent steamy scenes between Anyan and Jane).  This book really ups the stakes for Jane and her friends.  They are forced to solve a mystery of epic proportions and are drawn into events bigger than ever.  I loved watching Jane master her power and loved watching her be forced to take on new roles that test her as a character.  I am curious to see how all of this changes her.  Like all of the previous books this one was well written, fun to read, and hilarious at times.  Now I can't wait to get my hands on the next book, Tempest's Fury, too bad it doesn't come out until summer of 2012!

On a side note I am totally not digging these new ugly covers with the big red bands on the top and bottom.  What happened to the pretty and unique covers the other books in the series had!?

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