Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday Weekly Book Haul

Time for the weekly book haul. I got a lot of good books again this week. And despite my vow to not buy any more books until I have got through all the ones I already have; I found a few great books on super sale at Borders that I haven't been able to get through or the library. So here's the list!


I am looking forward to this re-telling of the classic fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty".

This is the second book in the Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch. I enjoyed the first book; it was a darkly humorous epic fantasy type of book with loads of intrigue. I am excited to read the second book.

From Amazon Vine:

This book is being compared a lot to the "Mists of Avalon". We will see. I glanced through the first page and it looks like something I will like.

This looked like an amusing kid novel; so I am hoping it is as good as the premise sounds.

Bought At Borders:

I have read "Extraordinary Girl" and liked it a lot. Based on that I started aquiring parts of the "Alien Huntress" series by Showalter. I have the first and third books; but haven't been able to find the second book used when I saw it at Borders on clearance I snapped it up.

I have read all of the Noble Dead series by Barb and JC Hendee. So when I saw that Barb had written another vampire book (previous to the noble dead) I wanted to read it. I have been having trouble getting my hands on it used though; so this is another one that when I saw it on clearance I grabbed it.

I have read the first book of the Thursday Next series and loved it. So I have been slowing acquiring the next four books in the series. This is the last of the bunch. Again couldn't find it used so when I found it on clearance I had to get it!

So there you go. Some more good additions to the bunch of books I already own. Someday I *will* read them all!

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