Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blood Noir (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 16) by Laurell Hamilton (2/5 stars)

This is the sixteenth book of the Anita Blake series with no end in sight. Why do I read this series? I ask myself that a lot. I am now getting them from the library because I am not willing to spend money on them. I think I read this series because I like the characters and I am curious as to how the whole mess that is Anita's life will be resolved (will it ever be resolved may be a better question).

In this book Jason's dad is dying and Anita travels with him to visit his dad in order to show support for Jason. Unfortunately upon arrival to Jason's home town it ends up that a man named Keith Summerland (who looks identical to Jason and is a colossal jerk) is in town for his wedding. Most of the book deals with Jason being mistaken form Keith and the ramifications of that. Of course Anita and Jason also have to spend many, many, many long pages confronting their relationship and if it is a friendship or if it's more. Things get dangerous when some vampires gunning for Keith end up targeting Anita and Jason. Then, of course, Marmee Noir has to rear her ugly head and add in a ton of strange paranormal junk (oh yes and more guys for Anita to add to her harem).

For the most part this book was boring. So much page space was given to Anita and Jason hashing and re-hashing their relationship that it was ridiculous. The whole mistaken identity premise that propelled the plot of the book was contrived and unlikely and in general kind of came out of no-where. All of the interesting parts with Marmee Noir happened in the last fourth of the book and were quickly shoved in. There were less sex scenes than in previous book, and the ones that were in here were pretty poorly done. All in all I think this book could have been 20 pages and said all it needed to say. Like previous books this one covers a time span of only a few days.

There were some positive aspects to the book. It was nice to learn some of Jason's back story and to learn about his family. You also learn a bit more about Anita's childhood. The end of the book showed that things are coming to a head with Marmee Noir and this (again) made me curious enough that I will probably read the next book. Truthfully I am just hoping that this series comes to a close in the next couple years. I am not sure there is much good left to read about these characters.

Will I read the next book? Of course. But I will get it from the library. These books are no longer keepers and are to be quickly read and then gotten rid of.

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