Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nightlight: A Parody by National Lampoon (2/5 stars)

I liked "Twilight", really I did, but you have to admit there is a lot to make fun of in that book. So when I saw that National Lampoon had released a "Twilight" parody book called "Nightlight" I was eager to read it. Although, I have to admit I got this from the library...I knew that it had potential to be horrible as well as awesome. Well, unfortunately, this book fell into the horrible category.

This book is about Belle Goose and her relentless pursuit of computer geek Edwart Mullen. Belle has decided Edwart is a vampire, but he really isn't. Edwart doesn't even really like girls but Bella has decided she is in love with him.

Okay first I will go through the good points of this book. It picks the right things to make fun of and occasionally there are references to the book itself that make you chuckle. Also another good point is that the book is short; it took me maybe an hour and a half to read.

Unfortunately these chuckles are few and far between. I expected this book to be a clever and witty spoof highlighting all the shortcomings of the original. It was not this at all, it was more of a dumbed-down slapstick routine put on paper. If you like slapstick and find immature, stupid characters to be hilarious than you will laugh your butt off. Otherwise you will just be happy this book is short.

Then about two-thirds of the way through the book things get strange and not at all funny. As Belle suddenly goes to a vampire prom and the story totally deviates from anything we have ever read before. Suddenly what was a slightly amusing slapstick parody turns into just a plain old bad story.

I was really disappointed in this book; especially since I was excited to read it and was looking forward to a night of humor and good laughs. Add to the above the fact that I noticed a number of plain old typos in this book and I began to wonder if it had ever even been proofread.

In summary, look elsewhere for a funny parody of "Twilight"...given all the things you could make fun of "Twilight" for, there has got to be a better parody out there than this one.

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