Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best of 2010 - General Fiction

I don't read a ton of general fiction, but I do read some.  This posts sums up the books I loved this year that don't really fit in any other large category.  There are both Young Adult and Adult books included in this post.   So see below for my top general fiction reads :-)

Garden Spells by Laura Addison Allen
Garden Spells (Bantam Discovery)
A sweet book about sisters who are struggling to find their way in life and to find love.  Has a touch of magical realism, very well-written with life-like characters.  Loved it. More suitable for adults.

WWW series by Robert Sawyer
WWW: WakeWWW: Watch
About a young girl who is blind but gains back her sight through a medical experiment; she accidentally wakes the consciousness of the world wide web.  Science fiction, but very personable with great characters.  Touches on issues of evolution, consciousness, living with disabilities, etc.  Absolultely entraced by this trilogy and eager to read WWW:Wonder.  Suitable for all ages, but maybe too complex for kids.

Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand
Generation Loss
I have been a fan of Hand's writing for a long time (since High School).  She writes dark stories featuring magical realism that are about finding beauty in the darkness.  This book was one where she tried her hand at writing a thriller.  It was wonderful.  Very intelligent writing, very dark, very intriguing.  Definitely for adults only.

Hoot by Carl Hiaason
Great book for kids and adults alike.  Wonderful mystery, great life lessons, and overall just very fun and readable.  I also liked Flush, but Hoot is still my favorite.

Boneshaker by Kate Milford
The Boneshaker
This was a wonderful book, another one that is great for kids and adults.  The main character is a girl who loves mechanics; this is another magical realism type of book.  Mysterious, creative, and very well written this is a must read for all ages.

Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner
Carrie Pilby (Harlequin Teen)
I loved this book.  It is aimed at the teen set and is about a teenage genius who has a lot of trouble fitting in to normal society.  It is very funny and very heartfelt; despite all of Carrie's craziness you have to love her.  Absolutely adored this book and strongly recommend to young adult and older.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
A wonderfully fun and heartfelt book I am not sure how to describe.  Touches on lots of teen issues and has some of the most wonderful characters anywhere, ever.  Read my full review (linked above).  Recommended for older teens and adults; touches on many GLBT issues.

A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson
A Company of Swans
A beautiful and sweet adventure.  The main character runs away to join the ballet and finds herself in India dancing and being swept off her feet by a noble Englishman.  The writing is so beautiful, lush, and descriptive.  The characters are so sweet and romantic.  This book makes you want to be a little girl again (or maybe a little boy) and believe in crazy adventures in far away lands.  Aimed at a teen female audience; suitable for young adult and older.

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