Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up Post

This year I ended up reading 277 books, that is more than 2009 where I read 227 books.  So it was a great year for reading.  You can go to the full list of books read here.  I have also broken them down into category below by genre and age group.

I also had some great author interviews and giveaways this year!  I hope to do more guest posting next year and hold more giveaways.   I do plan on keeping this blog review focused though and hope to continue giving you all 4-5 book reviews a week.

By Genre:
Fantasy: 77
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal: 114
Science Fiction: 18
Horror/Thriller: 10
Graphic Novel: 13
Historical Fiction: 12
General Fiction: 22
Non-fiction: 12 

By Age Group:
Adult: 130
Young Adult: 97
Middle Grade: 44
Children's: 5

Reading Challenges:
I completed all of my reading challenges this year so that was wonderful.  I am looking forward to repeating some of the reading challenges next year and also doing some new ones!

- Summer Romance Challenge: Complete!
- Thriller and Suspense Reading Challenge: Complete!
- Debut Author Reading Challenge: Complete!
- Young Adult Reading Challenge: Complete!
- Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge: Complete!
- GLBT Reading Challenge: Complete!
- 100+ Book Reading Challenge: 242 read (stopped keeping track in Dec)
- 1st in a Series Challenge: Complete!
- Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge Book List: Complete!

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  1. What a great (and busy) reading year you had. :) Here's hoping 2011 is even better. :)