Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hellsing, Vol 10 by Kohta Hirano (5/5 stars)

Hellsing, Vol. 10Reading level: Adult
Genre: Manga
Size: 192 pages
Publisher:  Dark Horse Books/Digital Manga Publishing
Release Date: June 1, 2010
ISBN-13:  978-1595824981
Stand Alone or Series: 10th (and last) book in Hellsing series
Source: Bought
Rating: 5/5 stars

This is the tenth and final book in the Hellsign manga.  This was a wonderful and fitting conclusion to this series.  A must read if you love this series.

So at this point we have vampires, werewolves, Catholics, Nanzis, ghouls, Australian Mercs and (of course) the Hellsing family fighting in the streets of London.  The streets are very literally awash with blood and now it is time for the final faceoff.

The spectacular artwork is in keeping with previous books.  I hadn't read the other books for quite a while, so I was a bit confused when everything started up...but I quickly regained my footing and remembered who most of the players are.  This gets a little bit muddled at points, but that chaos is part of the charm of this series.

There are some fun twists and turns, a lot of killing, and a lot of violence.  Our characters face off in final battles.  Integra Hellsing really features in this installment and kicks some major butt.  Alucard is also present here in all his glory.

Overall an absolutely stunning and wonderful conclusion to this manga series.  A must read if you love this series.  The only bad part is that it's all over now.  Hopefully we will see more from Hirano in the future!  The good part is there are still the Hellsing Ultimates (movies) that are slowly being released in the USA.

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