Thursday, April 7, 2011

OT Discussion - Virtual Choir

Okay I try not to take this blog off topic, but sometimes I see something I have to share.  My dad shared this with me from TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design).  It is a classical music director named Eric Whitacre who decided to put together and conduct a choir--virtually.  The whole thing aired last year, so this is kind of old news.  You can watch it below.

Now to see how this is put together you can check out the TED link below.  It is pretty darn cool (and I could only get it to load in IE, it wouldn't work in Firefox).

The whole reason I bring this up is that Eric Whitacre's next virtual choir video is supposed to debut today on YouTube; it is called Sleep.  So keep an eye out for it.

This just blew me away; I mean how cool is that!  This is the type of stuff the web should be used for.  Just think of people from all over the world being brought together as a cohesive whole to create something this beautiful.  It is mind-blowing and amazing.  I used to play in band and love playing music; there is some connection you feel with all the people playing with you that is amazing...the above video shows this but across space and boundaries that are phenominal.

So seriously go check it out.  After all this is what blogging, youtube, facebook etc is all about...bringing the world and people in it closer together.

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