Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BEA - Introduction to Me

Okay so I saw over on Rex Robot's Reviews that Julia did a little intro to herself and thought that was an excellent idea.

I would love to meet some other bloggers at BEA, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I will only be there through Tuesday...so hopefully I can meet some people on the floor then.  If all goes well this year I will plan on going for the whole week next year.

I usually try to keep personal stuff separate from the book stuff; if you want personal stuff you can look at my blog list and go to my personal blog that I write with my husband called Loki Is King (that's our cat's name..Loki).  Although, it is a bit neglected since I spend most of my "free time" on this blog.

Anyway....I started this blog because I read so much and people kept asking me for a way to access what I had read and for my opinions on it.  So the blog was born back in 2007 and up until 2009 had a pretty sparse following...mostly friends and family.  Then I decided to participate in some Memes and started doing more interviews giveaway etc and things got a bit crazy :-)  Which is a good thing!

My name really is Karissa, I am pretty free and easy with my online identity.  I haven't really had many negative online experiences so that's probably why.  I am 32 years old and work as a formulation chemist at a corporation in the Minneapolis area.  I love chemistry, but not as much as I love books which is why I am totally stoked to go to BEA.

I would be even more excited about it if I didn't have to travel out for a stressful run at our Oregon manufacturing plant this week and then get back just in time to fly out to NYC for BEA; but what can you do sometimes things just work out like that.

I know I use my cute three-legged cat, Seras, as my profile pic...so if you wonder what I look like I put a couple pics below.  They are both from the family vacation we took to the Bahamas this winter.  Yes, I am the one being kissed by the dolphin...that was so awesome!  That's my husband and my wonderful 4 year old son (who loves books as much as I do).

I am pretty much a geek in all things.  I love books, graphic novels, manga, anime, Dungeons and Dragons, board games, cycling, hiking and camping.  Thanks to my son I am now a leading expert on superheroes, Hero Factory, Star Wars and hockey.

I am an obsessive e-mail checker...I basically go through withdrawal if my Smartphone is out of reach for more than ten minutes.  Seriously we went camping up north for 3 days and I lost my data signal and almost had a panic attack.  So if you want to get a hold of me and meet up at BEA shoot me an email at karissae(at)gmail(dot)com.  I don't have a twitter account...I know I know I am showing my age...I just haven't seen a need for one although I am getting close to giving in.

So...see you all at BEA!  I am excited and a little nervous and not at all sure what to expect.  I will blog about the experience at some point, either while I am out there or when I get back.


  1. Great post!! Thanks for the shout out too :) I hope to see you at BEA. I am so stoked on it. haha

  2. Julia thanks for stopping by :-) Hope to see you there.
    - Karissa