Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Series Chart

Previously I have posted a spreadsheet that lists all of the series I am reading.  Well I finally figured out a way to post it in the sidebar and link it to a constantly updating spreadsheet.  So in the lefthand sidebar below my reading challenges you can link to it.  Click on it and it will open up in a new tab.

This chart shows:
- Series I am currently reading, along with release dates of the next books (at the top)
- Series I have on my shelf to read (in blue)
- Series I stopped reading (in green)
- Series that have ended (in purple)

I also have lots of great information about when the next books in a series are expected to be released and how many books are expected in a series.

Anyway, I hope that someone gets some use out of it (besides me).  It is the only way I can keep track of all the series I am reading or want to read.  You can also click below to link to it:


  1. Can you add what you rated on each book to the spreadsheet? or Can you list all the books that got a 5 if it's not too much to ask. Thanks! I have to compliment you on your website. You seem very honest and you don't ruin it by giving spoilers. I have been coming here so I can look for books to read. I didn't like the first book of the magic series, but after I read your reviews I gave the series another chance. You were right! I was so happy I did. I am glad that I can come here and look for new books to buy.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment.

    It would be difficult for me to add ratings for books to the spreadsheet because it is organized by series.

    One thing that hints towards that though is whether or not I am still reading the series. If it is listed in one that I stopped reading I didn't like it. If I am still reading it I like it :-)

    If you look below the Book series chart on the left hand size there is a section called labels. You can click on the 1 star, 2 stars, etc. and see all the books that have a certain rating.

    I will try to think about a way that I can link the Book series chart to reviews. Maybe I can add a column and put the review link in there or something. I will work on it, but it is something that won't be completed in the short term.

    You can also use the search box at the top to search my blog, it works pretty good if you are looking for books for a certain series.
    - Karissa