Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review - Wistril Compleat by Frank Tuttle (5/5 stars)

I downloaded this for my Kindle not knowing what to expect.  It just sounded like an interesting book.  I really ended up enjoying this book a lot.  It is a very classic fantasy tale with a lot of humor woven throughout.

Wistril and his apprentice, Kern, live in Castle Kauph and in general just want to be left alone to their studies.  In these three stories about Wistril, that is just not meant to be. The three stories included are Wistril Besieged, Wistril Afloat, and Wistril Betrothed.  In each story Wistril shows that brain always triumphs over brawn and comes up with humorous solutions to rather difficult situations.

I thoroughly enjoyed these stories.  Wistril is a pretentious, yet caring and hilarious wizard.  He constantly surprises the reader with his crazy solutions to problems.  Kern is a very competent apprentice who weaves tons of hilarious sarcasm throughout the novel.  Wistril is sworn, as a white wizard, to never harm with his magic and this adds an interesting twist to things.

Tuttle has a very readable writing style that I really enjoyed.  He develops wonderfully quirky characters.  These stories really have a classic kind of tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawling humor to them.  I was pleasantly surprised and very amused.

Overall I absolutely loved this book.  I immediately went online and got a couple more of Tuttle's Kindle books.  If you love classic fantasy with a humorous twist you have to check out this book.

This book goes towards the following reading challenge:
- The 100+ Book Reading Challenge
Wistril Compleat 

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