Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review - Faefever (Fever Series, Book 3) by Karen Marie Moning (4.5/5 stars)

This is the third book in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.  There are five books planned for this series and the fifth book "Shadowfever" is scheduled to release in January of 2011.  I liked this book best of all the books in the series so far.  Mac grows so much as a character and the situation in the book gets incredibly difficult.  Again the ending is a cliffhanger that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

This book starts out exactly where Bloodfever left off, with Mac on her knees in an alley fighting the sickness brought on by that evil book The Sinsar Dubh.  This book finds things in Dublin growing more desperate.  Mac decides to strike out on her own and form her own alliances so that she isn't so dependent on Barron.  She cuts deals with the seelie seers, the local police, the Druids, and even V'lane.  She doesn't know who to trust but hopes that with all her alliances she may be able to save the city of Dublin and even keep herself alive.  The question is will it be enough?  Or will the walls between the human and the Unseelie world come crashing down, ending humanity as we know it?

This was a wonderful book.  Mac does so much more than she has done in the previous books.  We learn a lot about a lot of things.  Finally Mac is figuring out how to track the Sinsar Dubh on her terms and she is creating alliances that she has some control in.  We get to spend a lot more time with V'lane and Dani in this book and they are two great characters.  We don't learn much more about Barron in this book; he is in the story in spurts but remains as much of a mystery as ever.

This book really brings things to a head between the Unseelie and the rest of the world.  It is incredibly engaging as Mac and crew are constantly racing against time.  It was a very hard book to put down and the best of the series.  There is a ton of action in this book; in fact Mac rarely gets a break.  Rainbow Mac starts to give way to a new Mac who is struggling to maintain her identity.

The end of the book is a killer cliffhanger.  You will be dying to know what will happen next.  I have been happy that I had all four books on hand because they just end so...well...horribly...   I think if I was reading these books as they were released I would be pissed.  So, I have one more book to read "Dreamfever" and then I will have to wait for "Shadowfever" with everyone else.

Overall this has been a consistently good series.  The books just keep getting better and better. We are really starting to see what Mac can do, and the interesting characters that encompass this world just keep getting more interesting.  I loved it and am reading the next book in the series already.

This book goes towards the following reading challegne:
- The 100+ Book Reading Challenge

Faefever: The Fever Series

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