Thursday, October 8, 2009

Barcode Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn (4/5 stars)

This was the closing book to the Bar Code Tattoo duology by Suzanne Weyn. It was a great book, the action was non-stop and so much story was put into this little book.

Kayla is set to make the journey to Washington DC in order to join the protest against mandatory bar code tattooing. Things get confusing though when she starts showing up on TV as an advocate for the bar code. Who is this girl on TV? As Kayla's journey continues she begins to find out things that completely change the way she looks at herself and her history. Along the way new information comes to light that the bar code may have an even darker purpose than keeping track of everyone's genetic code.

This was a great story. Some wonderful new characters enter into the story. The characters are fairly well-developed but the strong point of the story is definitely the idea surrounding a bar code society. The writing style is okay. The book is a quick read and very engaging.

This book was a bit less believable than the first book. With characters wielding a number of strange abilities, like telepathy and telekinesis, things are much further displaced from a "near" future. Also the whole story about Kayla's history is interesting but kind of strange.

I enjoyed the story; it was a good conclusion to the series and a quick read. Things are nicely wrapped up. If you read the first one you have to read this one. I am actually kind of surprised these two short books weren't published as one novel. The ideas in this novel are what really make it great. Will I read more of Weyn's stuff in the future? Probably not. I will keep an eye on her writing though to see if she comes up with anymore really creative sci-fi premises for a novel.

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