Saturday, October 24, 2009

On the Edge (The Edge, Book 1) by Ilona Andrews (5/5 stars)

This was the first book in The Edge series by Ilona Andrews. I read somewhere that this is going to be a duology. I wasn't able to find the second book's title, but it is supposed to be released in September of 2010. This was an excellent book! I love Andrews' writing style. Those who love Andrews' Kate Daniel's series will not be disappointed.

In this book Rose is raising her two brothers Jack and Georgie in the Edge. The Edge lies between the Broken (the world we live in) and the Weird (a magic analogue of our world). Rose is special in that she can "flash" brighter and hotter than anyone else in the Edge; her brothers are also significantly magical. Jack can shapechange into a cat and Georgie can raise the dead. Rose is just trying to eek out a living for her and the boys in the Edge by working as a maid in the Broken. Unfortunately things are starting to go wrong. Rose's family is being stalked by horrible creatures that ooze evil; and then one day Declan stumbles into Rose's life. Will Declan be a help or is he there to bring an even greater evil to Rose's life?

Of course a lot of people were introduced to the Andrews writing team through the Kate Daniels series so it is hard not to compare this series to that one. This is definitely a different series and a different type of book. Rose is a very different type of person from Kate (as she should be). Rose is kind of a one-trick-wonder. She can flash and that is her thing; other than that she is just trying to make a living and give her brothers a decent life in whatever way she can. This book has a bit more romance than the Kate Daniels series too and is a bit more graphic about love scenes, there is also a different tone to the story. Rose is not a bad-ass, although she has her moments. Declan has a lot of the alpha-male personality that Curran has in the Kate Daniels series, but a lot of the aspects of his personality are also quite different.

That being said I really loved all of the characters. They are complex and interesting. I love how the Andrews incorporate children into the story and treats them realistically; the children aren't forgotten or conveniently removed from the plot at tough spots. Jack and Georgie are always there and are, in their own right, extremely interesting and complex characters. They also play a major part in the story and plot itself.

The things I love about the Kate Daniels series also hold true for this book. Very creative and complex world-building. Tons of action scenes that are very well-written. A plot that is complex but easily followed and clips forward at a fast rate. The writing style of this books is fabulous. Most of the action scenes are no-nonsense in their writing style, but detailed and beautiful descriptions are added in at the parts where it really benefits the story for it to be there. The book is completely engrossing and engaging; it was super hard to put down.

All in all? A wonderful, wonderful read. I can't wait for the next book. I can't wait for the next Kate Daniels book either. My husband also likes Kate Daniels and I am trying to get him to read this book to see what he thinks the differences are. He has been a bit put off by the cover which is kind of romancy looking; I have to agree with him....the cover gave me pause and made me wonder if this book was going to involve some pretty heavy romance. No worries though! It is a wonderful urban fantasy with a bit more romance than the Kate Daniels series. I think anyone who has read the Andrews before should read this one, and anyone who hasn't should give it a go too! Now if only I could get past the sadness of having to wait for more books from Andrews!


  1. So I finally read the first book in the Kate Daniels series. I enjoyed it and I'm excited to read On the Edge. I was lucky enough to snag a copy from a giveaway =)

  2. You're super lucky! Yeah so far I have really liked all of the books written by Ilona Andrews. I actually listened to Kate Daniels on audio book and the lady who read it did a really awesome job :-)