Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods, Book 4) by Melissa De La Cruz (5/5 stars)

The fourth book in the Blue Bloods series was an excellent book. Book 5 is supposed to be titled "Misguided Angel" and will be out in the Fall of 2010. This book was an excellent addition to the series. I am liking this series more and more with every book I read in it.

The third book in the series really left us hanging. At the beginning of this book Schuyler and Oliver have been on the run for over a year, Mimi has joined the hunt for Jordan, and Bliss has been taken over by the Visitor and left to hide in a dark corner of her own body. Schuyler risks everything trying to contact the European Blue Bloods for support; her and Oliver can't stay on the run forever. Mimi concludes her hunt for Jordan and is struggling with whether or not she should bond with Jack. Bliss is trying to fight for the right to possess her own body as the Visitor (Morningstar) pushes her out. A number of the Blue Bloods assume their eternal angels persona's as the battle for Blue Blood survival escalates. Jack and Mimi's bonding is back on, but Mimi is finding herself curiously drawn to a traitor Silver Blood. Will they go through with the bonding? Are Schuyler and Jack really through; or will Jack change millennia of past by not bonding with Mimi? What about Oliver, is he destined to be a third wheel? The fight for survival is taken to yet a higher level as the Blue Bloods try to destroy all the Silver Bloods in their midst.

This was a great book. Action packed and fast-paced; the plot moved at a nice clip with some great twists thrown into the plot. You really love and empathize with all of the characters. I love that the plot is getting so much broader and that the whole of human civilization now rests on the Blue Bloods ability to fight both Morningstar and the Silver Bloods. This series is growing to epic proportions and I am loving all the detail and intricacy.

I have also been enjoying the past memories that come back to the characters and how their personalities change as they take on the persona of the immortal angel's soul that they represent. All in all I really don't have any complaints about this addition to the series and I am eagerly awaiting the next book! This is kind of surprising to me since I thought the first book in this series was just barely okay; the first book was all about fashion and high-living in Manhattan. Somehow though De La Cruz has taken this series to the point of actually being an epic story that matters; it is surprising to me and very satisfying. I have always liked Cruz's writing style, it is very readable but not at all dumbed down, she balances action and description well too.

So do you still get some of the high life in this book? Well, of course! Bliss attends some fashion shows and Mimi has to prepare for her bonding; so there is some high fashion and high living. I am just thrilled that Cruz was able to mix those things with some actual solid storytelling and a wonderful far-reaching plot; so creative and so entertaining. Now I have to wait a year for the next one!

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