Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discussion - Ever find yourself in a reading rut?

Do you ever find yourself stuck in this reading rut?

Occasionally I go through times where I feel like I am reading lame book after lame book and I begin to wonder why I am wasting my time reading.  I begin to wonder if it is just me and if maybe my expectations of these books are too high.

Usually I get out of the rut by finally reading something wonderful and realizing that "Yep, all those other books were lame."

Occasionally it happens the other way around too.  There have been a couple months were I just love almost everything I read.  Then I feel like I am giving out too many 5 star reviews. 

Anyway, just something I was thinking about and wondering if other readers/bloggers go through this too :-)


  1. I definitely have gone through this same thing, where nothing seems that great of a read or catches my interest. Usually I go back to a novel that I know I love and read that to get me kick-started back into enjoying reading.

  2. I go through reading ruts quite often - I was actually in one a few months ago. I went back to some favorite authors of mine, and pulled myself out of it. Then I started reading some books that were getting a LOT of good buzz on some trusted blogs.

    I hope your rut goes away! It's definitely no fun when you love to read and aren't finding anything good.