Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review - Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, Book 2) by Jennifer Estep (5/5 stars)

This is the second book in the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep.   Right now Estep is contracted for 5 books in this series; the third book Venom is due out Sept. 28th 2010 and the fourth book Tangled Threads is due out April 2011.  This book was a great addition to this series.  I enjoyed the fast pace and the great action scenes.

Gin is trying to take retirement from the assassin trade seriously.  She is back in college part-time and running the restaurant The Pork Pit, that Fletcher left her.  Things won't be calm for long though.  One of the son's of Ashland's top powers stops by to hold up Gin's restaurant and then someone tries to assassinate one of Gin's restaurant clients.  Well this just pisses Gin off and pretty soon she is immersed in a plot to stop one of Ashland's mining companies from taking out the people who run an old general store on the mountain.  Of course she runs into Donavan in the course of her investigations.  So that complicates things too.

Like the last book this book is full of non-stop action and a great plot the clips along at a fast pace.  I didn't like this book quite as much as the last one because it seemed to be more of a transition book and the plot wasn't as tight.  But it was a necessary book, Gin needs to get on with her life after Fletcher's death and this is how she does it.  That didn't stop me from tearing through it at a breakneck pace though...I just couldn't put it down.

Things heat up between Donavan and Gin again, but we see these characters having a lot of the same problems they did in the last book, Estep tries to resolve this and I think she did a good job with that.  I am just hoping the Donavan/Gin issues are dealt with and don't drag on into the next book.  We do see Gin changing as a character and she is growing in power; I am eager to see what happens as her power continues to grow and becomes more complex.

I like Gin's sassy attitude and her snide humor.  This book brought some more great characters into the mix with Eva and Violet, some young girls that get caught up in the robbery at Gin's restaurant.  They add some additional fun and lightness to the story.  I also found Owen Grayson intriguing; he is set up to be another potential love interest for Gin but also has his fingers in a lot of plots and intrigues which could prove interesting in the future books. 

The basic story dealing with the attempted assassination of Violet Fox is wrapped up neatly.  The broader story about Gin's past, her younger sister, and how everything ties in with the city's deadliest fire elemental is deepening.  Hopefully we will see these issues addressed more in the next book; they didn't really get a lot of page space here.

Overall an excellent addition to this series.  I love the characters and the world Estep has created.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book Venom.  Luckily I only have a few weeks to wait!  Fans of Kate Daniels, Jane Yellowrock, Jaz Parks and other kick-butt female urban fantasies out there should really give this series a try.

This book goes towards the following reading challenges:
- The 100+ Book Reading Challenge
 Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, Book 2)

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